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Influencer Marketing

One of the best ways to reach potential customers is by promoting your brand through influence.  Influence cannot be measured by statistics or impressions.  Your potential customer may read my blog post about your product and may not click on the link in my post, but then see your product at a store later and remember reading about it on my blog.  My influence is what sold them that product.  Although I will share relevant numbers with you, they are no measures for the ultimate success of the campaign.  Brand ambassadorships are key to this type of relationship with my readers and this is why you will not see banner advertising in my shop, because it is not effective.  Telling a story via a blog post and coordinating social media is effective.  Letting me showcase your product in a natural way on social media, is the most effective.  It is where you will get the most bang for your marketing buck.

About Our Readers

Our readers are female between the ages of 25-35 and are loyal, active, and engaged.  They love to discover new brands that help them to live a fun, fabulous, fashionable lifestyle all while balancing the demands of life and often keeping their families healthy and happy as well.  We blog about entertainment, health, beauty, and shopping savings.  Our readers regularly respond by clicking on links and purchasing items through affiliate programs so they are prepared to discover more about your brand as well.  They are interested in products we promote because we are selective.

By the Numbers

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Affiliate Advertising

Affiliate ads keep the lights on around here and are our bread and butter.  If you manage an affiliate program, feel free to send an invitation via the affiliate network.

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Please know that we follow all laws and strive to operate in an ethical business manner.  As a result we have policies we adhere to and hope that you also operate in a similar way.  Please know that we place rel="nofollow" tags on all sponsored content to assist you in having the best relationship with Google, Inc.

What are other PR professionals and Brand Reps saying about Liz and

I will definitely keep you at [the] top of the list for any U.S.A. based sites/clients… It’s so nice working with someone that’s honest, friendly, and approachable!

- Mike from Thinkable Digital, Bristol, UK

It was a pleasure working with you!

- Heather from Heather Bailey Marketing

For companies looking to promote their products and generate brand recognition, takes the review and giveaway experience to new levels with their hands-on approach, cool professionalism and creative use of technology.  Their use of Basecamp, for example, greatly enhances communication between’s management, bloggers, and the brand.  Their team is honest, thorough and hard-working, and their readers are dedicated and involved.  We experienced an immediate jump in our sales and social media metrics as a result of the review and giveaway we participated in at  We recommend without reservation.

- Mark from Mayapple Baby

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