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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. – Helen Keller

A Word from the Editor

I love having contributors because it spices things up around here. Although I don’t seem very enthusiastic in my cheerleader uniform (photo above), I really am about having people join our team. is not about me.  If you join us, you’ll be in good company.

Our main topics are:

  • Entertainment
    • Music
    • T.V.
    • Movies
  • Health
    • Exercise
    • Holistic Health
    • Clean Dieting
  • Beauty
    • Fashion
  • Shopping Savings
    • Coupon Tips
    • Shoppers Hauls
  • Things that Define Us as Women


There are a few ways you can contribute to

  • As a guest contributor
    • contribute post(s) on Entertainment, Health, Beauty Shopping Savings
    • contribute post(s) on what define us as women
    • review products (especially products for children)
    • co-host and publish giveaways
    • serve as a content creator for our Giveaways on Blogs Facebook page.

    To apply for these guest contributor volunteer positions, click here.

  • As a recipe contributor
    • Submit your favorite recipe
    • Have it officially published to ZipList
    • Pin it to Pinterest

To submit your recipe, click here for more details.

  • As a business owner in the Direct Sales Directory
    • promote your business at a discount
    • interact with other Direct Sales reps
    • occasionally receive tips and information to help your business

    To participate in the Direct Sales Directory, click here.

  • As an Infographic designer
    • promote a business/product
    • educate readers on interesting information
    • highlight your graphic design savvy

    To submit your infographic, click here.

  • As a college student contributor
    • consider this a customized mini-internship
    • gain experience working with a blogger for your Public Relations or Marketing class
    • have you work published and shared with a growing readership (15,000+)
    • use your skills, abilities, and interests to contribute what you can offer to women 25-35
    • create graphic design images for us on to add to your portfolio
    • offer your knowledge and expertise to a developing blog, while receiving information/advice from a former college administrator (Liz, our Editor) with 2.5 college degrees
    • connect on LinkedIn with someone who is well-connected in a variety of fields (business, education, non-profit)
    • get a positive, enthusiastic reference/recommendation for future employers

    To apply to be a college student contributor, complete this form and be sure to select that you are a college student.


If any of the above opportunities interest you, click on the appropriate link for more information and/or to complete the application form.  You will be contacted via email if your submission has been accepted.  Thank you!

Note to Companies Seeking Rel=Do Follow Links

Please Note:  I do not accept contributors that are hired by companies to promote their links.  I never post dofollow links for advertising.  Submitting an article to my site for the purpose of getting free advertising will most likely be a waste of your time.  Please visit for inexpensive ways to advertise on this site.  I would be happy to negotiate with you on a way to advertise that would be mutually beneficial and more effective.