Not only can you print coupons from WomanlyWoman.com, you can also visit these affiliate programs to load digital electronic coupons to your loyalty cards.  You will never have to print or clip a coupon again OR you can supplement your coupon clipping with these services.  Return to this page on occasion to view new opportunities.


Cellfire allows you to add coupons to your grocery loyalty cards and print coupons.

SavingsStar allows you to add eCoupons to your loyalty card (grocery and drugstore) and then instead of the money coming directly off your grocery tab, you have opportunities to select a payout method such as a donation to a charity, PayPal or an Amazon gift card.  SavingsStar can email you a list of the coupons you loaded so you can purchase those items.

For both options, the stores available as options are categorized by zip code so I am unable to provide a comprehensive list here.