Christian Version – Wake Me Up – AVICII

I was listening to Pandora, when I came up with the idea that I should write a Christian version of my favorite song. My altered lyrics are in italics: "I woke Up" Feeling my way through the darkness Guided by a beating heart I can't tell where the journey will end But I know where to start They tell me I'm too young to understand They say I'm caught up in a dream Well life will pass me by if I don't open up my eyes Then Jesus Christ helped me see [2x] I woke up and love won … [read more]


Yeah, I know I'm jumping ahead of Music Monday and posting this for Follow Friday. (For those of you that don't use Twitter you have no idea what I'm talking about.)  But I wanted to share this song with my #FF friends.  We collided on Twitter and I love it.  :) Buy the dang song, already! Monstercat 013 - Awakening - Various Artists … [read more]

Money in the Bank

Just got back from Affiliate Summit in Vegas where I developed relationships so I can make this blog profitable. I have to pay for my mission trip to India and that dress I bought at the Monte Carlo while waiting for my flight. So when I got back, I started chatting with some of my biz contacts. One of them is Stephen from Dedicated Media. His company sponsored the conference and because of them I'll be able to post some awesome stuff from some seriously awesome brands to add value to the life … [read more]

Whole Foods Parking Lot

This video is my favorite internet video of all time. In fact, I've already blogged about it. But I don't care. It needs to be shared again. I used to be a regular at Whole Foods because I worked at Bed, Bath and Beyond and would go there for my break. Every single thing mentioned in this song is absolutely true. I've also noticed it to be true at Trader Joe's, just with lower prices and TJ brand stuff. Here is my favorite video of all time: I know you love it, too, … [read more]

Music Topping the Charts #MM

I really enjoy finding music for Music Monday on Twitter (#MM) but I never seem to want to make the actual post on Monday. Sometimes I schedule them to post but for this one, I'm posting it early because I'm excited about this music. My favorite video of all I posted is the last one, so be sure to make it all the way to the bottom of this post! You'll appreciate it. Everyone has heard of the Billboard music charts, so that is the first list I checked.  Here are a few songs I liked from … [read more]

#HowTo do The Wobble

The other day I went to the Cincinnati Cyclones game and and they played this song.  I heard the song when it first came out on one of my Pandora stations.  I think the song itself is hilarious. Anyhow, at the game tons of people seemed to know the dance so I became curious.  Then while writing a blog post for my other blog about what people Googled this year, I came across the song again as one of the most googled dance moves. So I decided that I need to know how to do this dance and I am … [read more]

The Voice: Tessanne’s I Have Nothing

Wow!  Did you see this on The Voice?  I actually missed it myself but when I noticed that it was the #2 downloaded song on iTunes I just had to check it out.  This is amazing. Here's a video: Download the song for yourself: I Have Nothing (The Voice Performance) - Single - Tessanne Chin And feel free to make a comment about what you think! I don't know about you, but I think she sounds amazing. … [read more]

5 Favorites for Music Monday #MM

Here are some of my favorite songs this week: Munster - Single - Hardwell & JoeySuki Skinny Love (As Made Famous By Bon Iver) - Single - Emily Faulk The Far Road - The Road (Original Film Score) Pumped Up Kicks - Single (Foster the People Tribute) - Single - All the Other Kids With the Pumped Up Kicks Wake Me Up - Single - Avicii I made a YouTube playlist with all of the songs here: Related articles Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks … [read more]

Hilarious Movie: This is the End #NSFW

  I just rented the movie This is the End on iTunes to watch on my Apple T.V.  It was hilarious! You know how sometimes movies disappoint you because the preview shows all of the funny parts? This is not one of those movies. The most hilarious parts you will not expect, at all. I loved this movie particularly because the apocalypse was a regular discussion topic between my ex-boyfriend and myself. I think some Christians might find it offensive, but I actually think if anything the movie … [read more]

Hello (feat. Lil Wayne and Christina Milian) Stafford Brothers #MM

This is one of my favorite songs right now. I saw the Stafford Brothers live on Fountain Square for free this summer.  These dudes are pretty crazy.  I've been following them on Facebook.  I do NOT recommend it if you need to be family friendly.  They post some pretty racy stuff in the middle of the night.  I haven't checked but I bet their PR reps clean it up in the morning.  Regardless, in my life experience, people from Australia really know how to party and these guys are no … [read more]