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Infographic: Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships – whether we know it or not – are imperative to our mental health. Check out this infographic on healthy relationships that shows how they are related to a range of health behaviors as well. These facts outline the need to focus on fostering high-quality relationships between our youth and their parents, neighbourhoods, […]

#HowTo Delete Facebook FOREVER

Facebook Thumbs Down - WomanlyWoman.com

I can understand why you are interested in deleting your Facebook.  You have probably already deactivated and came back for more like a Crack addict.  So I’m writing this post for those of you who have decided it’s finally time to get a real life and stop faking one online.  (I would totally do this if […]

Review: Bulu Box

Our contributor Kia is awesome and loves to try out subscription boxes. So companies mail her a box, she tries them out and reviews them WITH NO COMPENSTATION OTHER THAN THE BOX. So she is totally honest and doesn’t seek to gain from her review monetarily. WomanlyWoman.com, however, will profit if you decide to purchase […]

Hot Spiced Apple Cider

Hot Spiced Apple Cider - Recipe on WomanlyWoman.com - Spiced Cider - Fall Drinks

  Print Hot Spiced Apple Cider IngredientsGallon Apple Cider Orange Cloves Cinnamon Sticks InstructionsPour entire gallon of cider into a pot. Place on medium heat. Add a few cloves. Add a few cinnamon sticks. Cut up an orange and place into pot. Heat until the mix is warm and the fragrance fills the air. Pour […]

I’m getting my meds in order! #ALIGNMYREFILLS #ad

This post is sponsored by the American Pharmacists Association Foundation and was organized by Massive Sway. It is a great opportunity for me to check out Align My Refills which is a website that helps you synchronize when your medications are refilled. Check out this video: Seriously, I’m VERY excited about this. I’ve been attempting to […]

Happy Bipolar Awareness Day!! #SayItForward

I have Bipolar Disorder. So today I am celebrating Happy Bipolar Awareness Day! When it comes to mental illness, silence is not golden. Silence breeds stigma, and stigma hurts. It prevents people from seeking the treatment and support they deserve. International Bipolar Foundation (IBPF) hopes you’ll join forces with us to educate and inspire people […]

#HowTo Grow Your Own Indoor Herb Garden #Infographic

Stop wasting time buying herbs. Make your own herb garden. Read this infographic to get all the advices you need for growing your herbs. – See more at: http://visual.ly/how-grow-your-own-indoor-herb-garden?utm_campaign=website&utm_source=sendgrid.com&utm_medium=email#sthash.h8YY7jAG.dpuf

Hilarious Breast Cancer Awareness E-cards

I’m a fan of someecards so I’m sharing with you some Hilarious Breast Cancer Awareness E-cards. I’ve even created a few of my own. They are just the right mix of sarcasm, wit, and even sometimes awareness for important issues. In an effort to recognized National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I’ve pulled together a few […]