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Look The Part: Getting The Interview Dress Code Right

Look the Part - featured on womanlywoman.com

With interviews comes nerves, excitement and choices. This infographic will give you tips on how to dress for that interview – giving you one less thing to worry about. Look The Part: Getting The Interview Dress Code Right [Infographic] by the team at Farfetch   Related articles What To Wear To An Interview (styleontheside.com) Infographic: […]

#Infographic: Which New Season Shoe Are You?

#Infographic - Which shoe are you? - from womanlywoman.com

Check out this awesome chart and discover which summer shoe suits you best. July – the start of the summer season, as one friend of mine said the other day although I get ready to wear my summer clothes from May to October and on May 1st my jumpers are put away, bar one, not […]

Swimsuit Edition: Modest is Hottest


Fashion matters. It influences the imagination and drives the way people uniquely represent themselves. The evolution of the women’s swimsuit is one place where there has been a visible shift away from modesty. In the current world of swimwear, small is often beautiful and less is considered more desirable. But designer and actress Jessica Rey […]

Make a statement with a statement piece

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A statement pieces can make or break your outfit, but they will always help make you stand out. Which would you prefer?     Make a statement [Infographic] by the team at heelinmint Related articles #Infographic: Kids of the Past vs. Kids of the Internet Generation (lizbarnett.me) Infographic: How to dress like Olivia Pope (womanlywoman.com) […]

Off Duty Style #Fashion

Off Duty Style - Infographic Featured on WomanlyWoman.com

Check out the off-duty style guide, offering advice on how to incorporate floral, metallic, crop and sport luxe into your spring off-duty wardrobe. Which trend will you be rocking? Off Duty Style [Infographic] by the team at http://www.farfetch.com/uk/