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#HowTo Wear Leggings and Still Look Stylish

For a lot of us, the most comfortable pants we own (leggings!) have been retired to pajamas. Even the cute ones! But you’ll be pulling them back out of your closet in no time, with these tips on how to style your leggings like a [womanly woman] pro. Image/Text/Video Source: ModaMob

Most Stylish Celebrity Brides of 2014

Thanks to a guest contributor, we have an infographic with the Most Stylish Celebrity Brides of 2014!  My favorite on this list is Jenny McCarthy. Most Stylish Celebrity Brides of 2014 – An infographic by the team at AG & Sons Embed Most Stylish Celebrity Brides of 2014 on Your Site: Copy and Paste the Code […]

Wear 1 Holiday Dress to Every Kind of Thanksgiving Dinner!

What to wear on Thanksgiving can be tricky – you want to be comfortable and cute all at the same time. Of course, the type of get-together comes into play . . . there’s the traditional dinner with the family, friendsgiving dinners where the wine flows, and work celebrations that tend to be a little more […]

Amazing Teenage Fashion Blogger!

What were you doing when you were 14? Going to school? Hanging out with your friends? Check out Blurb’s interview with Tolly Dolly, a 14-year-old fashion blogger who’s already been featured in magazines and on the BBC. Oh, and she gets to live in France, too! Get inspired to make stylish, unique custom books and […]

‘Normal Barbie’ Will Have The Body And Skin Of The Average Woman

The “Normal Barbie” is now available for purchase, and not only will it look like the average american woman but will also have acne, scars, and tattoos — just like an everyday female. Image (screen grab) and Video Source: http://on.aol.com/video/-normal-barbie–will-have-the-body-and-skin-of-the-average-woman-518524309

Let’s Pray for Kim Kardashian #breaktheinternetwithourprayers

So I’ve been helping out over at FaithIt.com and so I check up on their feed a lot to see how things are performing.  Tonight I read a post on their Facebook page and was encouraged by the well thought out article written by a godly man.  I believe he addresses the issue of the […]

My Boutique Order from Jane #Amazing

I am in love with Jane!  The site offers Daily Boutique Deals that are amazing.  I have discovered I was already following several of the boutiques on Instagram so this site gives me the opportunity to shop the style I like without paying the typical boutique prices. So I decided I want to share my […]

My new Fergalicious Boots

You can’t talk about Fergalicious without playing the song. So here’s the song: Here are my Wedge Heel Wide Calf boots: You can grab boots like mine here: FergieShoes.com   Disclosure:  I was able to get the boots for a significant discount because of my shopping prowess, however they were not provided to me by the […]