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Swimsuit Edition: Modest is Hottest

Fashion matters. It influences the imagination and drives the way people uniquely represent themselves. The evolution of the women’s swimsuit is one place where there has been a visible shift away from modesty. In the current world of swimwear, small is often beautiful and less is considered more desirable. But designer and actress Jessica Rey asks, “Who says it has to be itsy bitsy?” Rey argues that within the construct of modesty, there is a freedom—that modesty isn’t about covering up what’s bad, but about revealing dignity.

Video Source: Qideas

This video is really powerful.  As someone who has only worn a bikini for maybe a total of 48 hours in my entire life, I really appreciate this video.  I love that she shares information about what happens in a man’s brain when he sees a woman in a bikini.  My mother never let us wear a bikini and I really do appreciate that.  There was no need for us to be viewed in that way and as we have discovered from this video, modest is hottest.

Julep Maven Box Review – April Nail Color

Priscilla - Emerald for May


Disclosure:  This post is authored by our contributor, Kia.  She was not compensated in any way and pays for the Julep Maven subscription on her own.  She just loves it so much that she has volunteered to post here at WomanlyWoman.com about it.  If you click on the links in the post, WomanlyWoman.com may earn a commission.

How did April go by so quickly?  Why does that happen sometimes?  I was so excited about my April Julep Maven Box and intrigued and then I got lost in the crazy up-and-down weather (spring, fall, winter, spring, fall, spring) and job-life that I just realized that I never wrote about my April box.  Silly me.  Also, I started cleaning and de-cluttering my house.  Ugh.

De-cluttering is one of my dad’s favorite words.  Anytime one of my sisters or I visits him, there is going to be talk about de-cluttering.  I think there’s something in all of our parents’ heads that causes them to want to not have our things around, yet would miss them if we didn’t leave something behind.  It’s a reason to come back to visit and have a purpose instead of just visiting because I miss the food (hmmm, Skyline and LaRosa’s).


I happened to take a moment from the de-cluttering to try out this polish called Sunny.  The name is so accurate and it scared me.  Yes, I was scared of nail color.  I once wore a bright yellow shirt with black dots on it in 9th grade.  There were senior boys lined up along the windows and when I walked by, a rousing chorus of “I’ve got sunshine, on a cloudy day” rings down the hallway and everyone stops to stare.  I *may not* have gotten over it and vowed never to wear yellow again.  I’m a good tester though and after painting my nails, something crazy happened…Turns out that the colors compliments clothes of mine and boy, the responses I got from friends and co-workers were grand.  It might not be worth the work of de-cluttering your own space to get a quick compliment or find outfits you didn’t know existed.  However, given that my life is a roller-coaster right now (more on that in my next post), I’m going to take it.


This beautiful girl is Phoebe.  She won my heart the instant I opened the bottle and put the color swatch on top.  Yes, I do fall in love quite quickly…particularly when I’m pleasantly surprised and intrigued at the same time.  Perhaps I should work on not being so easy. ;>  Phoebe has me thinking about all the different art I could paint, like daisies or stripes.  She’s just that good.

What's Your Style

I know, I know… they are a bit bold and definitely not something I would have picked up on my own.  That’s one of the joys of being a Julep Maven.  They give you a gift you do not give yourself very often.  A moment that brings intrigue and surprise just when I need it most.  In this case, it prevented me from coming to terms with the fact that I might be turning into my dad.  That’s a pleasurable moment indeed.

Julep Maven Subscription - first box free

Get your first Julep Maven subscription box free!

Julep Maven – A monthly box of beauty – your first one is FREE with the code FREEBOX


Make a statement with a statement piece

A statement pieces can make or break your outfit, but they will always help make you stand out. Which would you prefer?

Make a statement



Make a statement [Infographic] by the team at heelinmint

Off Duty Style #Fashion

Check out the off-duty style guide, offering advice on how to incorporate floral, metallic, crop and sport luxe into your spring off-duty wardrobe.

Which trend will you be rocking?

Off Duty Style

Off Duty Style [Infographic] by the team at http://www.farfetch.com/uk/


Check out HauteLook!

This is a screenshot of Hautelook featured on WomanlyWoman.comI invite you to check out HauteLook!  It is an online shopping destination hosting limited-time, limited-inventory sale events.  They feature great brands at prices up to 75% off.  I love the site already and

What makes it great?
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Personal Pleasures: Julep Maven

This post contains a review by our contributor, Kia.  In this post she reviews the Julep Maven box as one of her personal pleasures.  She was not compensated for this post at all and simply wanted to share her thoughts with you.  If you get the Julep Maven Subscription, WomanlyWoman.com will receive compensation in the form of a small commission.  We appreciate your business.

Julep Maven Subscription - first box free

Kia’s Personal Pleasures: Julep Maven

What is a “personal pleasure”?

I haven’t always been a big fan of personal ritual. It’s been one of those things that I’ve observed in my life, in a variety of ways, and I’ve always felt the need to change it. After a couple weeks, I need something new… the food I eat, the workouts I do, and the type of day-to-day work life I have. Although, in my 30s, I’ve found that having some personal rituals (or personal pleasures as I would prefer to call them) are important.

Memories of my mother

I have a distinct memory of my mom painting her nails. It comes from years of watching her go through the process and set up of the experience. It may not be something that she would call a personal pleasure, however, looking at the memory from my adult self, it seems like it has to be. She’d get out her nail supplies and work the nail shape with an emery board, then shake the color, and paint. It seems glamorous in my child brain as I remember it yet as someone who rarely had nails long enough to paint (I’m a nail biter), I didn’t understand it. Life changes happen and I find myself going through periods of time when I have nails now. Imagine that.

Julep Nail Color - Harriet - featured on WomanlyWoman.com

This is called Harriet

The ritual begins

I’ve decided that once a week, I’m going to have my own nail-painting ritual (at least until my stress gets high again and my nails go away). It takes place in the evening, after dinner, when I’m watching TV and need something else to do (because I can’t just watch TV). I started getting the Julep Maven box through a discount I received (First Box Free!) and I’m hooked. I took a style quiz when I started and have learned that my style is “Boho Glam”.


Finding myself, finding my style

I have changed styles through the years (e.g.  goth, crunchy granola, alternative… just to name a few) and always tend to lean towards darker colors, wine color in particular, however, I’m learning to wear lighter colors and understanding what my style is has helped me to own it, define it, take charge.

The colors in the March box are definitely outside what I usually wear.  I’ve fallen in love with them. They really are part of the style that I’m embracing and understanding that part of who I am. I think “Boho Glam” is a good fit for me and I’m looking forward to trying other colors they send me.

Julep Maven - nail color Elisa - featured on womanlywoman.com

This color is called Elisa

Each month, Julep announces the boxes for viewing and you can review your usual style choice and decide to accept it, change it, or not take it.

This month (March), we received two nail colors and a lip gloss. I love this lip gloss. It’s bold yet light and comes in a beautiful square/rectangle container. I’m a sucker for anything square. The price is reasonable ($19.99) for the box and I find that it’s worth it to give myself a little bit of a surprise each month.  It is the gift I give myself.

Julep Maven Box Review - Enchanted lip gloss - featured on womanlywoman.com

This pretty lip love is called Enchanted

Plus, how can I not love a company that is pro-woman. I mean, seriously… when I think about the kind of products I want to use, and where my money is going, I want it to help out my people… the ladies of the world.


So, there it is. My personal pleasure ritual has come to be. I’ve followed in the footsteps of my mom and am learning to breath, take time to enjoy the small things in life, and be a little glamorous. After all, isn’t that what being a #WomanlyWoman is all about?

If you are interested in getting a box and learning more about Julep, you can Become a Maven or Take the Maven Style Quiz to Get FREE Nail Color!

Julep Maven Subscription - first box free

15% off TOMS shoes

I LOVE my TOMS.  Not only do they do good for the world, but the shoes are very comfortable.  I love them.  Every time I wear them, someone makes a comment.  I’ve even received compliments on helping other people by buying them.  So when I saw this deal, I had to post it.  15% off the purchase of any TOMS branded women’s and men’s footwear with code CITRUS at checkout! Valid 4/1-4/7 only.  Here are a few of my favorites: