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#HowTo Get Rosy Cheeks, Rosy Lips and Even Skin Tone

Celebrity makeup artist Jackie Brubaker explains step-by-step how she created a smooth, even palette for Sarah, complete with rosy cheeks and shimmery eyes that pop. Image/Text/Video Source: GLAMOUR

Best Ways to Get Rid of Acne at Home

Unfortunately, pimples are inevitable. Ugh! But there are some really simple ways to get rid of acne, and keep it from coming back. Learn the best at-home remedies here! Image/Text/Video Source: ModaMob

Why Your Smartphone Is Giving You Neck Wrinkles

Constantly looking down at smartphones may prematurely cause what doctors are dubbing ‘tech neck.’ Dr. Christopher Rowland Payne explains if ‘tech neck’ can be avoided. Photo: Getty Source: WSJ Live

#HowTo Wear Leggings and Still Look Stylish

For a lot of us, the most comfortable pants we own (leggings!) have been retired to pajamas. Even the cute ones! But you’ll be pulling them back out of your closet in no time, with these tips on how to style your leggings like a [womanly woman] pro. Image/Text/Video Source: ModaMob

Most Stylish Celebrity Brides of 2014

Thanks to a guest contributor, we have an infographic with the Most Stylish Celebrity Brides of 2014!  My favorite on this list is Jenny McCarthy. Most Stylish Celebrity Brides of 2014 – An infographic by the team at AG & Sons Embed Most Stylish Celebrity Brides of 2014 on Your Site: Copy and Paste the Code […]