Elizabeth Barnett
Liz is the founder of #WomanlyWoman an online magazine for THE LADIES. She is funny. She is serious. ن She is not seriously funny. Liz is a hot mess in the midwest. She also contributes to Huffington Post and a few other sites. †o God be the glory. ​
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Alexandra Ashton
Alexandra is based in Manchester, UK. She works in media relations and enjoys promoting infographics for various clients around the world. In her spare time she enjoys blogging about style and beauty at
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Courtney Pies
I’m a 20-something stay-at-home mother and wife and blog at My husband, Miles, is the best man I could have in my life. My daughter, Riley, is the sweetest, smartest little girl ever. We have a Puggle named Frankie and a Dachshund/Jack Russel mix named Annie. They’re both great dogs who are so good with our daughter.
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Heather Verst
I’m Heather and I blog at and I have always been interested in health, nutrition and fitness, so much so that I studied it in college and earned a Bachelors in Exercise Science. I believe spending time with family can be just as healthy as eating a salad! A healthy life is a balanced life, balanced between taking care of your health and doing things you enjoy! I believe that God made us to enjoy the life He blessed us with, and to bring Him glory in doing so. I hope to be an encouragement to others to live well!
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Jenn Clark
Jenn Clark is a Relationship guru and magazine columnist. She is the author of the book How to Be a Goddess. Jenn received her B.A. in Journalism at University of Southern California. She lives in Los Angeles and is just now starting to take her own advice.

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Miss Karrie
Karrie has a degree from Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles. She has worked in Department Stores in California and later moved to the midwest as an entrepreneur.
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Katie Jenkins
Katie is a professional dancer, a fitness fanatic and the creator of the health and fitness blog, Hungry Beastling. She struggled with weight and one day decided to figure out unique strategies to win the battle with food. She started the blog so she could aid others on their journey whether it be weight loss, improving their relationship with food, finding fitness ideas or just living a healthier life overall.
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Kia Kuresman
Kia works in Higher Education Administration by day and is a writer/reader/hiker/explorer (and many other things) by night. She is a big believer in love and tries to send it to anyone who comes into contact with her. Thanks for joining her blogging adventure as she shares her unbiased (unpaid) opinions on her favorite subscription services with readers!
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Krissy is owner/blogger of All in a Day’s Work . She works full-time as an insurance agent, and keeps busy raising 3 kids, a dog, entering sweepstakes and trying to be a runner.
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Lindsey Ayers
I like my eggs scrambled well, toast as close to burnt as possible and my milkshakes extra thick. I believe there is beauty in everything. I enjoy creating, recreating, doodling, painting, baking, cooking, organizing, scrabble, reading, movies. I blog about life, mommyhood, home, art and food at
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Lisa Woodruff
Lisa Woodruff is passionate about sharing her love of organization and the freedom an organized life brings through her blog, speaking engagements and eBooks. She is the author of Organizing the Business of Direct Sales and
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Lisa Simmons
Lisa Simmons is the wife of over 34 years to her husband Ron and mother of 3-Justin (+Amy) Daniel (+Aubri) and Allie Beth and most recently “Grammy” to grandsons Peter and James. With a degree in Elementary Education she has taught school, home schooled and worked with teens with learning disabilities. She and Ron serve on the board of reference for Lifesavers Foundation. While serving on the boards of ENGAGE (ministry to enrich and encourage positive parenting) and St. Timothy Christian Academy (school for children on the autism spectrum) Lisa also assists Ron in his role on the board of the National Autism Society. Their son, Daniel is Autistic, giving her real passion for helping families with special needs children. Lisa has written about her family’s journey with autism in her book, “I Would Have Said Yes”. Writing poetry has long been a hobby, and in recent years, writing songs as well. You can find links to her book and songs as well as contact information at
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