Dear Future Husband (insomniac edition)

Dear Future Husband (insomnia edition) -

Dear Future Husband,

I have a problem.  I sometimes can’t sleep.  Now before you go feeling sorry for me, you must know I have a caffeine problem.  I like caffeine.  I’m not really into coffee but I do like the following:

So, sometimes, I can’t sleep.  I’ll be honest, I’m kind of O.K. with it.  I wouldn’t call myself a night owl, because I have also been accused of being a morning person.  I’m really not grumpy in the morning as long as I’ve had eight hours of sleep.  I just like the buzz that caffeine causes and I don’t mind that my brain jumps from topic to topic a mile a minute.  It sparks creativity and I do some of my best work while on a caffeine high.

Where you come in though is that you will probably want to share a bed with me at some point.  And if you need to be asleep at a certain time, and I’m not ready to go to sleep at that time, I may be up late blogging while you are getting your beauty rest.  That’s a good thing, until I come to bed in the middle of the night.  I’m sure we can work it out, but I just wanted to warn you.

I am trying to cut back on the High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) since that’s one of the things I’ve blogged about in the past.  I realize it is bad for me and probably doesn’t help me be as healthy as I could be.  I also might try out some green tea and reduce the black tea consumption.

In the meantime, I’ll be up late writing you letters.  And blogging about silly stuff.  And sharing silly things on social media.

I look forward to meeting you,


P.S.  Check with me before you go buying stuff from that list, but honestly this might be a cheat sheet for you later.  If you showed up at my doorstep right now with a year’s supply of any of those things I would probably say, “Where do I sign the papers?  Let’s get hitched.”


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  • Jennifer Lambert

    Twinings English Breakfast is the bestest. I also love Lady Grey.

    • Liz Barnett

      For some reason I don’t like Lady Grey as much – but I do have a lot of it. It’s kind of odd, but I feel like the K-Cup version of English Breakfast tastes better than the bags.