OMG! Floor Scrubbing Robot

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This is totally on my wish list. I already have a Roomba. I absolutely must have a Sooba! If you aren’t aware there are robots to do your household chores, get with it people! It’s 2014.

Now before you think I’m a lazy bum, I have two comments:

  1. You have to clean out these things way more often than a conventional floor cleaning tool so it’s not a reduction in work
  2. You are simply delegating the work to “someone” else in the moment you need the floor to be clean allowing yourself to get other junk done

Get the Revolutionary iRobot Scooba® 450 and Receive Free Shipping at!I can tell you with full certainty that their products are amazing and they have great customer service.  I’ve used an iRobot product since 2010.  I love them.  I’m a dork but I even love cleaning out what I call the undercarriage.  I know for sure that their products are much more sanitary than other options because they clean areas you would never think to clean.  You also tend to keep clutter off the floor because you want to be iRobot friendly in your home!



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