My Costume Revealed: PBS Emmy Winner #ASW14

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I am so excited to reveal that I am attending the ShareASale Superheroes vs. Supervillians party as WordGirl® with my sidekick, Captain Huggy Face will be joining me as well.  I created the costume using the following materials:



Red Scarf (to wear as a sarong so I’m not showing all my goods)

this is the yellow cape

the yellow scarf works as the yellow cape

Craft Felt (to add the star emblem to the shirt)
red sequins (optional)


stuffed animal monkey

I have to use Tacky Glue. My costume for the @...

I have to use Tacky Glue. My costume for the @ShareASale party is officially tacky! See you at #ASW14! via womanlywoman

In the event you are not familiar with SCHOLASTIC’S PBS KIDS SERIES WORDGIRL®, I will share with you that the show has actually won a Daytime Entertainment EMMY® Award for Outstanding Writing in Animation.  This is not the first time they have won in this category!  The show has won two other times and has been nominated 10 times!

WORDGIRL® is a PBS KIDS GO! series from Scholastic Media and Soup2Nuts that chronicles the adventures of Becky Botsford, a mild-mannered fifth grader who, at the call of duty, transforms into WordGirl – caped crusader and definition dynamo, debuted as a series of on-air and online shorts in November 2006.  The full half-hour animated series, featuring the voices of Tom Kenny (“SpongeBob SquarePants“), Chris Parnell (“Saturday Night Live”) and veteran character actor Jeffrey Tambor, premiered in fall 2007.

In addition to the show’s Emmy awards and nominations, it also has won three Gracie Awards, a Television Critics Award for “Outstanding Achievement in Children’s Animation,” a KidScreen Award for Best Voice Talent, an iParenting Media Award, and three Telly Awards,. WordGirl books are published by Scholastic, series-related games and puzzles are available from Briarpatch, and WordGirl Superhero Training – PBS KIDS” target=”_blank”>an app is available for the iPhone.

For more information on WordGirl, please visit:

Download the app:

WordGirl Superhero Training – PBS KIDS

PBS was such a major part of my childhood life.  I grew up east of Cincinnati on a farm in the Appalachian region of Ohio.  We didn’t have cable T.V. (it’s still not an option there) and so the antenna on the roof of our house was how we got entertainment.  PBS helped prepare me in life in so many ways and is a favorite of my nieces and nephews.

If you are looking for costumes, check out my WordGirl Pinterest board!

Disclosure:  I was not paid for this post but I am a huge fan so I contacted my local affiliate of PBS in Cincinnati, OH and spoke with Kellie who was very excited to find out I was interested in representing the WordGirl character.  Much of the information included in this post was supplied to me by PBS.  I was also not paid to promote ShareASale or the Affiliate Summit although I am receiving a scholarship to attend the conference.  I am an affiliate publisher with ShareASale, iTunes, and Affiliate Summit.