What is Your Direct Sales Business Plan for 2014?

You have just spent the last month shopping for your family and friends. Now, this week you might be shopping for yourself. I want you to think about HOW you shopped in the last 30 days.

Here are some examples from my list.

Is your direct sales business ready for 2014?

My mother-in-law wanted a Mrs. Claus from an artist. I didn’t have time to drive 45 minutes away to see if the shop she frequented had one in stock, so I Googled it. Fifteen minutes later, Mrs. Claus was bought and on her way.

Is your direct sales business ready for 2014?

My daughter can’t have chocolate and only very little milk, so when I saw these cute Grinches on Pinterest, I had hubby stop at the store on the way home to buy grapes, strawberries and bananas.

He and Abby went to Michaels to buy edible markers while I wrapped gifts on the 24th.

Is your direct sales business ready for 2014?

I was winding down one night before bed and saw this post in a Facebook group.

I clicked over to Amazon to see if the book was available on Kindle. It was. I bought it.


How about you? Is this how you get ideas and shop?

60% of my blog readers read my blog on a tablet or phone. Have you tried to read a website on a phone? Now that I have an iPhone, I am seeing my web surfing habits change. Quickly.


Technology and social media are shaping our habits – daily. So, we in direct sales need to change, too. I have a plan.

Starting on Monday, December 30, I will help you see yourself as others do on the internet and shape your image and brand into who you really are.

The Branding Your Business Team is a combination of 8 weeks of video training and a collaborative Facebook group.

Watch this video to learn more http://organize365.com/teams/.

Here’s to a productive and profitable 2014!

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Lisa Woodruff is passionate about sharing her love of organization and the freedom an organized life brings through her blog, speaking engagements and eBooks.

She put those organizational skills first into building a strong home based business from 1996 – 2010. Lisa was a top leader and helped over 100 other small business owners in her tenure.

Lisa published her book Organizing the Business of Direct Sales in 2007 and started training business owners outside of her company.

With over 15 years of direct sales leadership experience, Lisa has zeroed in on two key ingredients missing in most consultants’ training:

  • Organizing your business, and;
  • Branding Yourself will set you apart from the crowd.

Each of us has a story to tell and a market to reach. Lisa has an ability to analyze each person’s strengths and unique opportunities and then blend those with their direct sales product to reach their target audience.