Shoeboxed: Clear Out That Paper Clutter

I literally hate papers. I HATE them. I would prefer that everything be electronic. That is why I am known (to myself) as Electronic Biz Liz or @ebizliz on Twitter. I love getting all of my records in electronic form, I love electronic music, and well I often forget to turn the lights off in the other room so I’m a fan of electricity in general.

Here’s the deal, though. There is a company called I have been a member of this website since about 2009. I discovered them when I was a Professional Organizer and I have been using them ever since. They have totally changed my life. Seriously. Here’s why:

  • I no longer have random paper crap laying all over my apartment.  All the stuff in this picture I literally compiled for a month just to show you.
  • I no longer have the stress associated with having random paper crap laying all over my apartment.
  • Whenever I need to find a receipt, I just logon and search for it.  I don’t know what they do over a Shoeboxed, but it’s magic.
  • Whenever I need to find contact information for someone I met at a networking event, it’s on Shoeboxed because I sent them my business cards.
  • Whenever I need to find random stuff that I had written down on a paper somewhere, it’s on Evernote because I sync it with Shoeboxed.
  • Whenever I need to send my files for my taxes to my account, I give her access to Shoeboxed and to Outright because I sync it with Shoeboxed.
  • When I am traveling, and I want to keep track of my expenses I just take photos of my receipts while I’m on the go and add them to Shoeboxed.
  • When I get back from the trip, I log on to Shoeboxed and sort for the receipts from those dates and magically have the total expenses for the trip.

So, yeah.  I totally saved up a month’s worth of junk and made you a video.  This video doesn’t even have all of my receipts and business cards.  It only includes the ones I could fit on my counter.  Shoeboxed helps you to realize you shop to much.  Shoeboxed helps you to get all that junk OFF your counter and get it organized in a way that can be functional and helpful to your life. 

So here is the video.:

Please, if you have any questions about this service, leave them in comments here.  I would love to share my opinion about it, how it works, and what it might do to help you out. 

They offer a few different types of membership.  You can join free just to use the online software and the app.  If you want to use the envelopes, you pay a small fee.  Definitely visit their website to check out the variety of options they provide.

Disclosure:  Shoeboxed didn’t pay me in cash for posting this (oh… they will someday… they will probably just decide to hire me after I’m done talking about them), but they offered me a boost on my membership for making this post and sharing on social media.  I am totally grateful for that, because I sincerely love their service and want to clean out my filing cabinet MORE than I want cash.

  • Krissy Higgins

    Where has this been all my life??! WOW. I could definitely use a service like this – and since I am a paper hoarder – the mail in method seems like my best bet. I LOVE LOVE being able to write things down, but I also love being able to find it, lol.

    • Liz Barnett

      EXACTLY. I am a paper horder, too! Even thought I hate it. Everywhere I go I’m like ooooh that brochure looks awesome. lol And I also write things down all over the place but then never go back to it. When I mail stuff in, they scan it, and I ACTUALLY LOOK AT IT because it’s on my computer screen. If it’s something I still need to save, I send it over to Evernote. If not, I delete it after I took action.

  • Anna Luther

    Ummm… Amazing!! This might be the answer to all of my problems. Thank you!!!

    • Liz Barnett

      Yeah – it rocks!

  • Sherryl Wilson

    Oh this looks so much easier than my method.. of scanning them myself.. which I never seem to have time to do!

    • Liz Barnett

      Exactly! I have a scanner and never do it – and if you are motivated you have the option to scan them into Shoeboxed!

  • Ashley P

    I had been thinking about getting that one thing (Yes, I am blanking on the name) that scans everything in and sorts it for you on your computer, but this looks like it will be easier. I think I am going to look at them both and create a Pros and Cons list. I love lists. <3

    • Liz Barnett

      I did that with that exact product and chose this because I know myself – I’ll just have a pile of crap that I then have to scan myself and I will be too lazy to scan it.

    • Ashley P

      Yeah, that’s what I was thinking would happen if I chose that route.