Some Stats About Sept. 2013

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Inspired by the Traffic Report from I decided to publish some of the interesting information about my site here.  It is always interesting to dig around in your Google Analytics to find out what is going on with your site.  So here are some screenshots of mine that you may find interesting.

These are my top 10 posts with direct traffic.  That means that this is the page people hit first when visiting the site.  The first one is my homepage which is no surprise.  This is why my slider is so important.  That is where I feature the posts I really want people to visit, even if they are older.

The second one is free stuff on iTunes.  Again, no surprise.  Who wouldn’t want free stuff?

The third is a relationship advice post written by a contributor.  She gives good advice.  What can I say?

If you want to read any of these, I encourage you to google them.  :)  That is good for me.

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#7 is always in the top 10 because I link to it all over my site.  There is a reason I want to get people on my email lists.

#9 has been pinned and repinned like crazy.  That is why it’s still in my top 10.

2013-09-04 04.15.46 amThis list shows the top 10 referral sources.  Pinterest fell, but is still at the top. means Twitter.  And my email list is huge.  People actually read my emails and click on things regularly.  I have more subscribers on email then on some of my social media accounts.  Those are my people that are more dedicated and loyal to my site.

Facebook is still alive?

And is a website I use to automatically post things to social media.  It works well on Twitter because I begin the posts with “From my blog:” and then it automatically adds hashtags which allows the posts to be found.

2013-09-04 04.14.59 am

In this image you can see what people are googling to find my site.  There is a reason I am in the iTunes affiliate program.  They just switched over though and I am still in transition to move over all of my links.  This also gives me an idea of what is important to write about.

So there you have it!  Some interesting info about what is going on around here.

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