5 Reasons to Not Forget Your Wallet

I just walked out to door to head to the grocery store.  I grabbed my purse and as I was walking out the door I thought about how I had forgotten to grab my cell phone but decided to keep moving.  Then I passed a lemonade stand and heard them say they were selling the drinks for 50 cents.  I should have stopped because I would have realized I didn’t have my wallet.  I did not.

Here are 5 Reasons to Not Forget Your Wallet:

Alex's Lemonade Stand

Alex’s Lemonade Stand (Photo credit: RachaelChickswithKnives)

1.  You are thirsty

I was very thirsty after passing the girls selling lemonade.  I just wanted an ice cold drink and it was all I could think of but I decided to keep driving because I thought I could make it to the store and buy one there where I would not be paying a premium.  Not that the 50 cents would have been a premium, but rather that I really wanted Coca-Cola.

Juan Pablo Montoya's race car during the 2011 ...

Juan Pablo Montoya’s race car during the 2011 Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway on May 29, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2.  You might get pulled over and need your I.D.

I realize not everyone would think of this immediately, but in my past (2009 and prior) I had a serious record for speeding.  Yes, I have a need for speed.  I did not live in an urban area most of my adult life so speeding was something I did to get through the rural areas very quickly.  You need to be prepared when they ask for license and registration.  I would have had my registration in the glove box, but the officer would not have been very happy when I realized I did not have my driver’s license and it would have probably tacked on a hefty fine.

Eating & Looking

Eating & Looking (Photo credit: Geoff LMV)

3.  You might be hungry.

I hadn’t eaten breakfast or lunch  yet and part of my plan was to grab something quick to eat before shopping at the grocery store.  You never want to be hungry when shopping for groceries, right?

Wallet and Credit Cards

Wallet and Credit Cards (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

4.  You had a plan to use the stuff in your wallet.

I wanted to get groceries.  Last time I checked, you have to pay for them.

Loose Change

Loose Change (Photo credit: Digitalnative)

5.  You wouldn’t have to dig around in your car for loose change.

I was so desperate for a drink that I had to dig around in my car.  I literally used every single coin in my car to buy one small Coca Cola at a fast food restaurant.  I needed the caffeine to give me a boost so I could make it home, write this blog post, find my wallet, and head back out.  True story.

What about you?

Have you ever forgotten to take your wallet?  How far away from home did you get?  How many minutes of your day were wasted until you realized you needed it?  Leave a comment below.

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