Dude of the Day #WomanlyWomanDoD

I sent my first mass email message to potential suitors on Match.com the other day.  It basically said I was getting too many messages from dudes and I couldn’t keep them straight.  Seriously, I was.  For whatever reason I have a problem in my life that I seem to open the flood gates (this applies to all kinds of issues) and then I am shocked when a flood enters.  I’m an idiot and gave out my phone number to a bunch of guys on there hoping to simplify things and cut the crap of online dating.

I deleted my Christian Mingle account but since Match.com cost a lot more I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I also had some loose ends to tie up.  I don’t like being a total jerk about things and think you should attempt to follow up with everyone you talk to so I have been trying to do that.

The other day, I posted something from a guy’s online dating profile that cracked me up and within a matter of minutes it started a small conversation.  I did it again last night and the same thing happened.  So I decided today that in order for me to get the most of out of my Match.com subscription, it is necessary for me to create a hashtag.  All awesome things in the world have hashtags, so why not this phenomena of crazy dating profile quotes.  So the hashtag is:  #WomanlyWomanDod which stands for Dude of Day or Dude of the Day.  :)

I am hoping you-all get as many laughs out of this as I do.

Making this a blog project will help me to actually live out my Dating Detox and also feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth from the site.  I can also stop trash talking guys – well at least the ones who don’t put hilarious stuff in their profiles – and just focus on becoming a better person myself.  And, lastly, I can make fun of Match.com more because they rejected me from their affiliate network (where I could have promoted their website to others and made a commission when someone clicked on the links).

You can check out these lovely snippets from Dudes of the Day by visiting http://on.fb.me/1aF9isY or clicking this image: