10 Steps on How to Organize a Group

There are lots of reasons you might want to know how to organize a group of people to accomplish a certain goal.  This post contains some helpful information I have encountered when setting up groups.  It will help you organize the information you need to administrate the group, get them to meet regularly, and to accomplish the goals.

1.  Find people who have similiar goals.

Some ways to do this:

  • Talk with your neighbors.
  • Ask people that attend your church.
  • Coordinate with other moms in your neighborhood.
  • List yourself on a website such as Fitlink.

2.  Create a schedule.

It is so important to have a plan.  If you set a date, time, and location that you regularly meet you will be more likely to meet your fitness goals.  When people make it a routine to do something, you become almost like a machine accomplishing your goals in no time.  If you dedicate a segment of time to meeting your goals, you will also not plan to do other things so you will focus on achieving the goal.

3.  Share that schedule.

Some ways to do this:

4.  Create a contact list.

Some ways to do this:

  • Create a MailChimp list.
  • Create a Google Drive form.  People can submit their information to you when they sign up for the group.
  • Create a sign up sheet where people can list their information.

5.  Send a reminder.

A few days before your first meeting, send out a reminder to the group.

Some ways to do this:

  • Send an email
  • Send a reminder via Facebook or Evite
  • Use DialMyCalls.com to call everyone and leave a message.

6.  Have a Planning Meeting

During the first meeting, set goals as a group.  Remind the group to set SMART goals:

S = Specific

M= Measureable

A = Attainable

R = Realistic

T = Timely

Delegate the task of taking notes on the conversation to someone in the group.  Then delegate the task of creating a finalized list to another person.  While facilitating a discussion with everyone, be sure the final goals are recorded.  Involving everyone in the conversation is key because they will then have ownership in the group and will be more likely to work towards accomplishing the goals.

7.  Share your goals.

Some ways to do this:

  • Post the goals to your Facebook group.
  • Email the goals out via your Evite.
  •  Type them up, print them and bring them to your next meeting.

8.  Meet again to break down your strategy.

At the next meeting, you will want to develop a strategy for how you will accomplish the goals.  Determine one goal that is most important and then decide how you will go about meeting that goal.  Divide the tasks into categories and then assign each task to a person.  Be sure that everyone leaves with a task and is clear about what they are required to accomplish.

9.  Hold each other accountable.

When you meet again, check to be sure each person accomplished their assigned task(s).  If someone was unable to meet the tasks try to determine why and, if so, what they need help with in order to complete the task.  Match them up with someone that can assist them.

10.  Evaluate

With each goal you complete as a group, take a portion of a meeting to discuss what went well in accomplishing that goal and also what areas for improvement you have as a group.

Having previously managed and supervised up to 350 people in my previous career(s) I have encountered some helpful strategies related to this topic.  I have also been the leader of smaller more casual groups that are unpaid or volunteer.  Working with groups is always similar no matter whether your group is small or large.  Everyone wants to feel that they are a part of the group and they helped to decide what goals are important to accomplish.  They also want the opportunity to provide feedback and improve the next time around.

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