Mommy Mobile Plan

This cell phone plan isn’t officially called “Mommy Mobile” but I think it would be great for a mommy.

It has remote control for your kid’s phone featuring the following:

  • set curfews
  • restrict contacts
  • approve applications
  • control usage

I am sure it is a challenge to balance wanting your kids to have a cell phone but also wanting to set healthy boundaries.  Zact has created this solution just with you in mind!  I just became an affiliate because I knew their products would be helpful to my readers so I hope you check them out and let me know what you think.  Feel free to make a comment on this post.

Discussion Questions:

  • Have you had issues with your child talking on the phone late at night and then being extra sleepy in time for school?
  • Does your child have tons of contacts, most of whom you have no idea how they know them?
  • Does your child have so many apps you have no idea what they are and why they would need them?
  • Do you have financial issues because they are using more than their fair share of a family plan?