A Guide to DDIY: Don’t Do It Yourself

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A Guide To Don

A Guide To Don’t Do It Yourself [Infographic] by the team at WOODYATT CURTAINS

This is hilarious!  I never thought of what you needed to prepare to NOT DO yourself! ;)  I guess that is just as important.  I know since I am a not homeowner that the majority of projects are not done by myself anyway.  However, if I did own my own home I would definitely want to take note of these tips.

Discussion Questions (please comment below):

  • Have you ever done one of these items?  What was the result?
  • Have you hired people to do these things?
  • What DIY project do you wish you would have left to someone else?
  • What inspired you about this post?
  • Have you ever attempted to use a tool you shouldn’t have just because you did not want to spend money on the proper tool?
  • What do you estimate the expense to be on issues you personally have had?

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