Attention Recent Graduates!

Attention Grads: You need contact cards.

Sure, you’ve been out of college for all of eleven seconds, but you are going to meet a lot of valuable contacts over the next weeks and months. Just because you don’t have a job yet doesn’t mean you don’t need cards.   Every job I have ever had I got because of people I knew.  Even your friends and family should have your card, at least one of them in their wallet.  Then they can give your card to potential employers and say, “This is my son’s card.  He needs a job.”  Every time you meet someone, even though they aren’t in the industry in which you may want to work, they could be the key to your new career.  Give them a card.  Then when their friend who works in the field you want to work in is talking about needing to hire someone, they may still have your card.

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So whether you’re attending a job fair, party or just walking through town, make sure you always keep your contact cards on hand. After all, you never know who you will meet that could change your life.