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As a product reviewer I rely on a video editor to create youtube reviews. I usually use my iMac movies to edit but I found to love the video editor by WonderShare! There are so many more features!

Wondershare Video Editor organizes all your media files in your User’s Album manager so it’s easy to locate your files. I simply just uploaded my pictures and began to create a great movie. I love that you can use pictures or video.


In the Timeline, you can cut, copy, paste and delete any clip any time you want, and click Undo (or Ctrl + Z) to cancel. As you can see, all the changes can be previewed in real-time so you can make sure everything you do highlights your videos. Select media on the Timeline and double click it to open the editing panel. Once you enter the editing mode, you can instantly change to another media file to continue editing without reopening the panel- this will save you a lot of time.


When you double click any video on the Timeline, you get the panel that contains Video and Audio bar, allowing you to edit the video track and audio track in a video. This is a great option to add in your own music to enhance your video.


Common Video tools include Crop, Rotate (Flip), Adjust and Speed (Fast and Slow Motion), while Audio tools include Volume, Fade in/out, and Effect (Voice change). Simply use the slider to tune your video/audio up. You can immediately view the result on the preview windows. If you are not satisfied, click Reset to start from scratch.


There are two categories of tools to edit a photo: Photo and Motion. The Photo category provides common photo editing tools like crop, rotate (flip), and several adjustment tools. In the Motion category, you can turn any still photo to animate one with up to 36 Motion (Ken-Burn) effects. Double click on any motion to apply. To remove the added motion, right click the thumbnail on the Timeline and select “Delete Motion” from the menu.

Add voice-overs

It’s convenient to add voice-overs to your movie. On the toolbar above Timeline, click Record to bring up the Record Audio dialog. Hit Start and you will have 3 seconds of countdown to start speaking. When finished, click Stop. To start a new record on the Timeline, no need to close the dialog, just move the Time Indicator to another position and hit Start again.


You can add motion shots to your pictures which is another fun editing tool!


Apply a Jump Cut, Tilt-Shift, Mosaic, and Face-off

All of these functions can be accessed by clicking the video file in the timeline, then on the toolbar directly above the timeline, click the furthest right icon. A window will appear allowing you to click to apply any of these four effects.


It’s really easy to add titles, & effects to your video or pictures. There are more than 50 visual effects bringing your videos to the next level.


wondershare51. Device: You can choose from iPhone 4, iPad, iPod touch, PSP, Wii, Creative, etc. to get the optimized videos for your devices. Name your video and set a destination folder. And then hit Create to save your videos to a specified folder. Advanced settings like video and audio encoder, frame rate, bit rate, etc. are enabled (Click the little triangle button).

2. Format: You can output video to all popular video formats such as AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV, MP4, MKV, MPEG, etc. Afterwards, design the name of your videos and choose the output path, and then hit Create to start saving videos.

3. YouTube: This option allows you to share your work on YouTube directly. Fill in your YouTube account information and the video information like category, title, description, etc. to share your video creation with more people on YouTube. Additionally, you can check out Facebook and Twitter options for sharing.

4. DVD: On the DVD tab, set the DVD parameters: DVD label, type, video quality, TV standard and aspect ratio. You can burn movies to DVD or save movies to an ISO image file.

I loved using the WonderShare Video Editor because it was so easy to use and the features that it comes with are fun and exciting to use!

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  • sherryl1

    I would use this to create videos from all the pictures I have on my desktop.

    • http://www.WomanlyWoman.com Liz Barnett, Editor

      Oh that is a good idea!!! Now I want it. :P Too bad I probably can’t enter since I”m posting this. haha

  • AutoFaerie

    If I won I would use this to create videos for my reviews as well as personal videos of my other photos and videos.

    • http://www.WomanlyWoman.com Liz Barnett, Editor

      That’s a good tip as well! It would make it really nice for creating reviews of products.