Do you know about FitBit? I love it!

I’ve written about FitBit before.  It’s a device you clip onto your clothes.  It’s really easy to hide – you can clip it on your bra or on your pants at your waist. I’ve used 2 different styles of FitBit devices and really liked them both.

The only problem I had with the first style was that it was black and I couldn’t see it if I had clipped it onto black clothing. Then I put it through the washer! (It’s splash, rain and sweat proof but doesn’t love a load of laundry.) The one I have now is black but it slips into this rubberized case that is burgundy. I really like how it works. You can also slip it out of that case to go into the wrist band to track your sleep.

In the video above, they are featuring the new FitBit Zip. This product is much smaller and it focuses on tracking your your steps and calories. It syncs to your computer and some smart phones. It’s an awesome way to encourage yourself to be more active. You can also connect to groups like the one I created for my readers.

What I really like about FitBit:

  • You can hide it under your clothes easily
  • You can view your progress throughout the day by looking at your computer or smart phone
  • It will update your progress to your other devices through bluetooth or wifi so you don’t have to unclip it and plug it in – you just leave it on
  • With the FitBit One, you can also track your sleep patterns
  • You can be encouraged by how active you are in a day – I surprise myself a lot
  • You can join groups and compete against others to motivate yourself even further
  • It is more scientific than a normal step counter – it tracks your movements and how intense they are and differentiates between regular steps and walking up and down stairs

Here are just a few of the FitBit‘s available:

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