What is a Woman?

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I visited Google Images and searched for the word Woman. This image is what I captured on my screen.

What is a Woman?

I feel like we need to have a discussion here.  Seriously.  We are at a place and time in history that everyone is trying to define the word woman.

Here is my answer:

A woman is a human being that has a vagina or a person who identifies with people who have a vagina.

It’s really pretty simple.

I don’t think we need to break it down, pick it apart, and decide what it takes to actually be a woman.

Women come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and ways of being.

Some women are born with vaginas.

Some women are not born with vaginas but inside of themselves know that they were born to be a woman, so they are.

Some women have kids.  Some do not have kids.

Some women have blogs.  Some do not have blogs.

Some women have dogs.  Some do not have dogs.

Some women are in a relationship with man.  Some women are not in a relationship with a man.

Some women cook.  Some women are masters of industry and therefore have tons of money and can afford to hire someone to cook (even if it’s a teenager flipping burgers).

Some women work in an office.  Some women do not work in an office.

Some women work at home.  Some women do not work at home.

Some women live alone.  Some women live with people.

Some women like to exercise.  Some women do not like to exercise.

Some women are large.   Some women are not large.

Some women are medium.  Some women are not medium.

Some women are small.  Some women are not small.

Some women are tall.  Some women are not tall.

Some women wear makeup.  Some women do not wear makeup.

Some women wear heels.  Some women do not wear heels.

Some women like to shop.  Some women do not like to shop.

Some women are athletes.  Some women are not athletes.

Some women are in charge.  Some women are not in charge.

What am I trying to say?

I’m trying to say it’s O.K. to be a woman.  There are many ways to be a woman.  There are many different kinds of women.  No woman is better than another woman just for being a woman.  Womanhood should be defined on an individual basis.  Women should not put parameters on womanhood.  Men should not put parameters on womanhood.

This may seem like a silly post but I think it needs to be said.  So many women feel pressure to be a certain way, to fulfill roles they were taught to fulfill or they thought they should because of what they watched in the media.  Some women tell themselves they should be a certain way even if no one else told them that.  Some families and societies put up barriers on women or even make them do things to their bodies to adapt their womanhood.

When women begin to embrace their womanhood, others may follow.

Being who you were intended to be will help everyone understand that there are many different types of women and all of them are acceptable.

Let’s begin to accept each individual for their own individual qualities rather than trying to place them in a category.  A round peg does not fit in a square hole.

  • mommieagain

    Well, I think you straightened up my thinking on what a woman is!!! Liz – great post and a well thought out message to us all. Thanks!!

    • http://www.WomanlyWoman.com/ WomanlyWomanLB

      @mommieagain I hope that is a good thing!  lol

  • sherryl1

    Have to say I think you covered all the bases! Lots of information to think about…will check back to see if this sparks a discussion war! I love discussions… don’t have to agree with everyone, but it is still fun to talk about things.

    • http://www.WomanlyWoman.com/ WomanlyWomanLB

      @sherryl1 I agree!  Sometimes I hope to start a comment war.  lol  I have to say I didn’t look at things this way forever.  I once had a coworker that was a woman who had identified as a man and then had surgery to become one.  That was a challenge for me, even though I had been taught to be tolerant of everyone by my mother.  I really liked him – he was a very nice person, helpful, a good co-worker.  But he was definitely a man although he was born with female parts.  I think sometimes you have to encounter the entire spectrum of something before you can really define what it is – to you or anyone else.  The important part is to remember that there is a spectrum.  Even if we have different views or opinions, we all are who we are… and in my opinion, I think we should be allowed to be who we are.  I don’t want someone telling me what my identity is or is not allowed to be!