Fat Police (a.k.a. Jerk, Rex Reed) “Arrests” Melissa McArthy

As you can see in this video, a movie critic wrote uncalled for comments about Melissa McCarthy’s weight. Here’s the deal. I think that people in general still think they can get away with making comments about other people’s weight.

Yesterday I heard it on the radio and tweeted this:

and this:

It seems to be a trend, in what I have personally noticed, with MEN. I’m sure there are also women that comment as well but in my personal experience it hasn’t been as publicized. I think women are better about talking behind other people’s backs. haha

My comment is this:

Dear World,
Fat People are here to stay. Especially in the U.S. As long as we have fast food restaurants on every corner and High Fructose Corn Syrup streaming through our veins, people will be overweight. As long as we have a huge amount of people without health insurance, people will be overweight. As long as people in gyms and work out centers are JERKS to people who are overweight, people will be overweight. As long as twinkies are still on the market, people will be overweight. In fact, you might want to watch the stats – chances are they outnumber you. Although this is inappropriate, I remember kids in school saying, “Watch out or she will sit on you.” That is rude and hurtful still but seriously, maybe you should think about that! Maybe you should consider what the consequences might be before spewing your verbal diarrhea. Then work on your thought process.

The cool part about this Melissa McArthy story is that her cousin, Jenny McCarthy was quoted in HuffPost as saying:

He can go to hell!

Ya know what? That covers it, too. Dudes don’t understand what us ladies go through. It’s tough being a woman and weight fluctuations are one of the things we deal with – you can’t get around it no matter what size of woman you are. It’s just a fact.

I know what the Fat Police say when defending their rude comments. They say “but… but… but…. obesity is soooo unhealthy.” Yes, this is true. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT. You don’t walk around saying “Ew gross… you have a goiter” to people (such as myself) who have Thyroid problems. Mr. Obvious, it’s like saying “um, just in case you didn’t notice, you are on crutches and don’t have use of your right leg.”

Dudes need to BACK OFF and stop sticking there noses in PERSONAL health issues. There is never, ever, a time when it is appropriate to describe a woman in comparison to a large animal. Never. It is NOT FUNNY to say such things.

On the positive side, I’m glad that things are progressing in a way that women are standing up for each other! Shout out to the ladies!

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