Create Your Own Boutique – Kitsy Lane

We have some advertisers in the Direct Sales Directory on our site for Kitsy Lane but I didn’t notice how super cool this is.  You get to create your own

boutique!  You curate the items in it and then get a commission when you set products from it!  How cool is that?  A great way to make some extra cash!

Here’s what they have to say:

Kitsy Lane empowers Boutique Owners to run their own online jewelry and accessories boutique on their own time – and make money while they’re at it. Thanks to an easy-to-use, innovative marketing platform, Boutique Owners get to customize their own online storefront, choose the pieces they want to sell, give personal shopping advice, and promote fabulous finds across their social networks. And anyone can do it, creating their own online storefront without the usual risks and headaches of running a business. There’s no starter kit to buy, no website to build, no inventory to manage, and no trunk shows to host. And we’re thrilled to offer it completely free.