My Womanly #BloggersDance Party Video

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Bloggers Dance Party

Awhile back, I tweeted that I wanted to enter the Dance Dare on Ellen.  Then I received an invitation from one of my Tweeps who watches The Bachelor and The Bachelorette with me:

She invited me to participate in the Bloggersy Dance party and so here I am!!!

This Sunday I was in a spring cleaning mode.  I even sorted through my bin of t-shirts and found my shirt which seems fitting since it says “I am Organized” on the back of it.  I realized though in the afternoon that in my cleaning frenzy I still hadn’t eaten lunch so I took out box of donations to a local charity and stopped at a drive-thru on the way back.

I was jamming to some teeny bopper music and have no shame in the fact that I am in my 30s and still love boy bands.  One of my favorite songs came onto the radio and I couldn’t help but to dance.  I pull into my parking spot at home and while eating my fast food sandwich I realized I was dancing.

Although  my hair was a mess, I wasn’t wearing makeup, and I was in my car I knew THIS was the moment.  THIS was the moment to record my #BloggersDance video!

Here is the video:

You can preview/ download the song

from iTunes by clicking here:

By the way, I’m glad you came to today to read my post! ;)

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  • WomanlyWomanLB

    PS I allowed YouTube to edit the shakiness of the video so it shows a bit of distortion!  oops!

  • SensibleMoms

    And bonus singing! Glad you grabbed the moment! Ellen

    • WomanlyWomanLB

       @SensibleMoms Yeah – I didn’t know the right words but I was trying!  haha 

  • buriedwithkids

    Car dancing is where’s it’s at!
    Awesome #BloggersDance

    • WomanlyWomanLB

       @buriedwithkids I know!  I always dance in the car.  haha  When I turned my head to my right it was because my neighbor (who happens to be my boyfriend) was watching me out the window.  lol  Do you have a #BloggersDance video?

    • WomanlyWomanLB

       @buriedwithkids PS I loved your video!

  • angelashelton

    Car dance! Of course the Safe SIde in me says be careful! Hands on the wheel! 

    • WomanlyWomanLB

       @angelashelton I agree!  I only did recording when I was parked but I was dancing while driving before recording, too, though. :P

    • angelashelton

       @WomanlyWomanLB hehehe – you know we have to say things like that but really – you know we all car dance!