STOP getting SPAM, get SPAM for $1 off

$1.00 off two SPAM products Email SPAM is terrible! I heard something last week that now it is estimated that 80% of email messages are spam. What is up with that!?

For those of you who are bloggers or have web sites, an easy way to reduce your spam is to never list your full email address on a page. Crawlers and bots (computer programs that scan the internet) can pick that up and then added your email address to spam lists. It’s almost a guaruntee you will increase your spam that way.

The best thing to do is to list your email in a way such as this: liz {at} where you know that only the human eye will realize that is an email address. You can also publish your email address as an image instead and that helps.

If this message made you hungry for some SPAM, then use the coupon above to get you some for $1 off! Heck yeah!

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