Mom Clue Game – Snow Day Idea

Sorry I missed Snow Day Idea #1 but this snow day idea is so cute I have to share it with you. What a good idea to get these cards printed and have hem on hand for a snow day! I’ve done a lot of business with Vistaprint for years. They are really fast and […]

New Ballet Flats at TOMS + $5 off coupon

I previously wrote a post about how I was so excited to be an affiliate for TOMS because of their one to one charity program.  My inspiration to apply came from a Pinterest post from my friend Lisa. They are being released at midnight tonight. If you’d like to get $5 off, 1) use this […]

Club Wedd: Bridal Registry at Target

Maybe this says something about me but the #1 reason I wish I were engaged is the registry.  There is no other time in your life where you can request so many things of so many price points without any embarassment or regret.  The beauty of it is that most people want to buy you […]

Sneak Peek – Tonight’s #Bachelor

Here is the sneak peek into tonight’s The Bachelor show. I’m not really looking forward to him skinny dipping but I am looking forward to the scenery of Puerto Rico. I like this competitive side of Kacie B. in the softball game. Amazon Deals on The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad:  

More Bachelor Videos: Marco Polo, Living Room Workout, Casey and Ben

Here are some more videos from The Bachelor blog: I think it would be an interesting project to do a content analysis of this show from beginning to end. I wonder if the levels of nudity or semi-nudity have increased over time. I also wonder if they increase the frequency of kissing as time goes […]

Skinny Dipping with Ben

Update 02/02/12: An edited version of the video that originally appeared on this post is now available here for a limited time. Original Post: This video is going to expire really soon but I am posting it anyway in case there is anyone out there in the blogosphere that wouldn’t want to miss this sneak […]

50% Off Valentine’s Gifts at Barnes and Noble

This is a good deal! 50% off Valentine’s Gifts at Barnes and Noble. It’s kind of funny that I am posting this today because last night while watching 30 Rock, my boyfriend and I were discussing how I am like Liz Lemon and used to go to Barnes and Noble to meet people. She was […]